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Economics Bores Far Too Many People For Progressives to Make Real Progress Last

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Economics bores far too many people for progressives to make real progress last. Until that changes and people stop spreading ignorance about the Federal Reserve, debt, and deficits, you can count on your children suffering in the present and future, all in the name of supporting nonsense.I will continue to try to help break that very bad paradigm that makes some of you think that the Federal Government should be run like a household checkbook….Hint… Unlike you and I, they are the currency issuer.

Extra Hint… The Federal Reserve is a private entity WITHIN the government.
Extra Extra Hint… There is no such thing as the petrodollar or fractional reserve banking.

Extra Extra Extra Hint… The Congress controls spending and bailouts NOT the Federal Reserve…

Extra Extra Extra Extra Hint… A monetarily sovereign nation cannot ever run out of money, go broke, default on debt denominated in its own currency.
Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra Hint… We don’t borrow US Dollars from China or anywhere else.

Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra Hint… T-Bills can all be paid back immediately with a keystroke.
Your kids are not strapped with debt. Just the debt of ignorance we place on them by repeating debt and deficit myths.

Say no to the Creature at Jekyll Isle Crew.


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