Is Bernie short $17 trillion on his healthcare plan?

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Bbbbbut Bernie is $17 trillion short on his healthcare plan… relax Francis…Funding The Revolution: Trying to make econ fun to learnJill Stein is saying the Fed can bail out student debt… they could do a debt swap. Sure… but guess what? The US government is MONETARILY SOVEREIGN and our CONGRESS is in control of FISCAL policy vs the Fed which has MONETARY policy… aka lending rates etc.Pssssst…. there is no fractional reserve lending.There is no mounting debt problem.

Federal deficits are really awesome and important to run when you have unemployment and a trade deficit… both of which we have.
It’s not public debt we are in danger from…
It’s private debt. And if we don’t solve the student debt issue… we are going down for another massive recession.
Your challenge if you care to fund the political revolution: read, learn and share.

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