The American Dream – The Lie That Shackles US

For a long time, the American Dream has been pitched to the poor and middle class of this country of ours. This great American mythos has been ingrained in our culture for hundreds of years. The big problem is that not only is it a lie but it is also a form of control.

It started back in colonial times. As Jonna Ivin mentioned in her article, the slave owners of that time used the American Dream as a way to divide poor white workers from the African slaves and freedman they used to congregate with. This allowed them to use poor whites as a way to help “police’ African slaves, and at the same time, took the focus off of the economic issues that those slave owners help perpetrate. Although those poor whites were not economically in a better situation than the blacks of their time, they could feel superior based on racial status.

You would think that after generations of this going on, we would wise up and see that this “LIE’ is causing more trouble than it should but alas, we are still blind. As Russell Okung mentions, “So many people will never experience their dreams because there are far too many barriers of entry they can’t do anything about” . These barriers, while not totally insurmountable, greatly tilt the playing field in the elite’s favor. These barriers include vote suppression, tax code benefits in their behalf, and the War on Drugs (mainly through growing the prison industrial complex). These help to maintain the elite’s control of the majority of the populace.

We can see how the American Dream is sold to blind us to the truth about American wealth and income inequality. We have the most income and wealth inequality of any developed nation on the planet; yet, the “Dream” is still being sold as if there is equal opportunity for all. Waking up to this fact will allow us to see how we are misled by the establishment.

Even today, the American Dream is being paraded as a method of opportunity instead of what it really is, a method of enslavement. As we’ve seen in this election season, both parties’ establishment candidates preach to their congregations this big American lie. “You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to” is peddled by the MSM like crack on any inner-city street corner. By keeping this alive, it allows the elites full rein over the economy, politics, and the populace in general. Hopefully, we will finally figure out that it’s a lie and actually work to change America to be a true country of opportunity!

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