Terence Crutcher Dead at the Hands of Tulsa Police

It seems that police still are not getting the memo about shooting unarmed citizens who are following instructions. As seen in the video below, Terence Crutcher was following police instructions while having his hands up. He puts his hands on his vehicle and then is shot. The helicopter camera captures the footage while the police are already calling him ‘a bad dude’. It is apparent that this is an extra-judicial shooting. When will the system change and not allow someone’s life to end so easily? People weigh in on this tragedy:

His sister, Tiffany Crutcher, is calling for the officer, Betsy Shelby, who shot her brother to be immediately charged:

Updated: Lawyer for the Crutcher family states there also was no justification for the shooting while the Tulsa police confirm Crutcher did not have a weapon:

Updated: Russell Westbrook and the Thunder are supporting the Crutcher family by wearing Terence’s initials:

Real Progressives will update this as soon as more information is released.

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