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Arn Menconi on the Emails

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All Along the Watchtower: “There must be someway out of here,” said the Joker to the Thief.

Maybe I’m naive to think that Comey learned that the Weiner stuff crossed the line of Gross Negligence, which is all that is necessary for a felony by the Espionage Act, and has to move forward if Congress is planning an investigation into Clinton’s server.

She has met all three requirements
1. Sensitive information
2. Removed information from proper place of custody
3. Gross negligence.
Ask any Military personnel who’ve been prosecuted for the same thing. Some lawyers would say that there has to be the proof of intent or withholding too, but it appears there is enough. My thought is that the election will go on. She’ll win. The Republican Congress will start an investigation and impeachment proceedings and even if it’s determined that she has broken the law she would have to have to be impeached. Interestingly, Hillary’s Press Sec for the Campaign, Brian Fallon, is now saying since the FBI doesn’t have a warrant for Huma’s emails, “they don’t know what they are talking about”.

Scott Adams tweet

Obviously, they are doubling down before the election. Huma Abedin has VOIDED her immunity deal with the FBI. This means she has to sing or face jail time. Hillary Clinton no longer wants her around. According to reporters on Hillary’s campaign, Abedin is no longer sitting near the front cabin on her plane to Florida. She’s nowhere to be found this morning. Trump destroyed the Republican Party and Hillary the Democratic Party. Showing all of us how corrupt the system is on a day to day basis. Hillary and Trump pulled them all down with them. In the end, the Greens win the Presidency, Senate & Congressional seats. I become the Secretary of Peace. Margaret Flowers the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Bernie the Sec of the Treasury. We end wars, break up the Big Banks, stop Global Warming, end White Supremacy, arrest the war criminals and Wall Street Banksters; and, I get to snowboard with my kids again.

Arn Menconi is a candidate for U.S. Senate for the Green Party in Colorado. He will be on the ballot for the November 2016 election. Menconi served two terms on the county commission of Eagle County, Colorado. He is also the founder and former Executive Director of a national youth development charity SOS Outreach. Arn is a frequent podcaster and a regular contributor to Real Progressives.

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