Dear Robert… An Open Letter to Robert Reich & Friends

Dear Robert,

If the DNC wasn’t the oligarchic, elitist, money-grubbing organization that it has been revealed to be, and if the party leaders had stepped back and really looked at what was happening in the country, our country might have a great leader. Instead, Robert, you are asking the electorate to work toward electing people by asking them to come back into the Democratic Party.

As I see it, the next four years should be about building a third party; however, you hysterically called for “us” to vote for the absolute worst candidate: Hillary Clinton. I can understand Bernie doing what he is because he is in the Senate, and he has no third party position to lean on at this time. At 74, he is doing what he feels he can do to make a difference in this overwhelmingly negative outcome of an election. He is going to reach out to the working class and try to reach those disenfranchised by essentially both parties. The problem for Bernie is that the working class of the United States doesn’t know that they are continually voting against their best interest because a vote for either party for the last 30 years has been against their best interest.

I wish Bernie the best, and I will always love the man.

Now on to you, Robert. How long is it going to take you to get behind your words and actually work toward a viable third party like the Green Party? Have you examined the results of the election in relation to the Greens to determine the strongest points to reach people to build the party? Or are you going to go back on your “we can have a third party, just not now” sentiment and follow the sheeple who will obediently remain with the corrupted, damaged Democratic party? I know of no better time, Robert, for you to open your arms to the Green Party, or perhaps the Progressive Independent Party, and roll up your sleeves with those of us that are in the trenches. Those of us with a moral compass who voted with that morality and clean hearts. Those of us abused and used by the Democratic Party as they smugly dismissed the progressive movement as not needed. Perhaps if you actually put action to your words, Bernie actually can change his message to include the demographic he is seeking to reach into a third party that will have open arms! What is it going to be Robert?


Sandy Schoelles

Real Progressives

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