The R.O.A.D

For a long time in our political history, we have defined our political parties by a single letter: ‘R’ for Republican and ‘D’ for Democrat. I have been giving this a lot of thought and I think that there should be a better way to signify those letters. We should instead redefine what the letter ‘R’ and the letter ‘D’ represent. 

Take the letter ‘R’ and instead of it representing Republican, why not let it represent the following: respect, as in the person who was elected should respect the office he or she holds and respect his or her constituents. The second idea for that the letter R should represent is responsibility: be responsible for what you can for your constituents, stand up for them, listen to them, and above all, respect them; for they are the ones that got you elected and without them, you would not be here.

As for the letter D and Democrat, it should represent the following: decency, and by that, I mean the elected official should have the decency to listen to your constituents. Understand their plight, understand their problems, work towards a common solution, not for your own personal gain but for the gain of your constituents. The people, the poor and the less affluent, have needs that are just as great as your needs, their lives are just as important as your life. Just because you are an elected official does not and should not separate you from humanity and if it does and you feel that it does, my advice to you is to resign. Without humanity and compassion, no one can or should represent society. How can you when you sit up on Mount Olympus so high and look down at your fellow human beings, who languish in poverty and struggle to make it through each and every day?

I believe if we take those letters to represent everyone and not just a single individual, we in the end take the letter ‘R’ and the letter ‘D’and add the letters ‘OA’ which put together, will spell out the word ‘ROAD’: a road in which all children, whether they be black or white, can walk down together a road which will lead to peace and prosperity. This road leads ALL our children to a better life – one having the quality they so richly deserve. In the end, is that too much to ask? If it is, then shame on us! It is not the celebrities we have to look at who do nothing, but we always clamor about how they don’t do anything – no in the end, it is our fault – we as elected officials and as people who advocate for such causes, we are the captains of that ship. We are the stewards of society. We must light a candle for all the world to see!

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