Born Free

I was sitting back and thinking from a historical point of view how many blessings we’ve been offered by our country’s founders. We have a nation where people can be just about anything they want to be, believe in anything they choose to believe in, and read and write and do whatever they wish. In many countries this does not exist, and for the most part, will never exist.

But taking it back to our own country, it seems to me that we have lost our way. We are squandering those gifts that our Founding Fathers gave us: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In our attempts in our society to make everything ‘politically correct’, in my opinion (whether we mean to or not), we are trampling upon other people’s rights. We do not need to agree with everyone’s point of view, particularly when it may be hurtful. But the manner in which we are acting is destroying the very fabric of our free republic. Instead of worrying about hurting someone’s feelings, why don’t we instead try to communicate with one another? To work with one another toward common goals: peace, brotherhood, true equality, and understanding?

If we do that, we will keep our Republic intact, and it can continue to live on even after we’re gone. After all, Philadelphia, one of the major cities involved in the development of our Constitution, is called “the city of brotherly love.” If we do this, then mankind can be what it was born to be: free and independent.

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