MMT is Relevant to Everyday Life

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Someone asked me – no, I lied, someone told me – MMT is not relevant to the average voter, the average American – it is irrelevant – then proceeded to tell me that Paul Krugman said it was a joke therefore…

He could not be less accurate but his critique is relevant because many do not pay attention and yet they wonder why they march in place. Nothing happening – the cycle begins anew – with the exact same outcomes. – a more rightward shift – less public purpose spending – more austerity & more suffering for the poor – more devastation to the environment -.more excuses about affordability – more excuses about why we cannot save lives – why we cannot have single payer – why we cannot have free college as a right – more lies about why we cannot have every single American with a Federal Job Guarantee and end involuntary unemployment forever – stop the suicides from hopelessness and destitution.

I will be tackling these issues daily at Real Progressives.

The next foolish comment invariably is this is “just a theory” or “how would we implement this with a republican congress and president” or “How come no one in congress knows this stuff”.

Things become the orthodoxy because at some point – something was elevated to eradicate a prior understanding. In our present day, we suffer from monetarism, Neoliberalism, and fears based on non-existent systems that prevent us from demanding more from our representatives and fighting for our existence with knowledge and confidence.

This is what we do at Real Progressives. We give you the tools to fight any one of the austerity wars and give you the facts to push for the full compliment of the New Deal TODAY.

MMT is a description of the way currencies work at any time – in any arena – in any structure. It is not just the US. Neoliberalism is a global scourge.

People cannot rise up against Neoliberalism without the tools required.

So why do progressives fight against this knowledge?

Why do they resist the knowledge that would help them advance the ball and win?

It isn’t just the rightwing that peddles false, lethal lies and paradigms that we kill people with…

It is the left and their “full cup” mindset. They are ignorant (which is no crime); however, they are stubbornly ignorant. Willfully ignorant. Decidedly and INTENTIONALLY ignorant. Brain washed. Willing to lose to keep their standard replies and losing battle lines intact.

We must overcome this or we do not have anything. I am tired of useless power braking… spinning my wheels in place.

I want to cross the finish line.

I want to win!!!

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