The Red Scare is Back to Distract (Updated)

(This article has been updated to include more distractions from the DNC and the establishment media)

It seems that the DNC is strongly pushing the narrative that Russia is sponsoring these hacks to make it more likely that Trump would win the presidential election (which he did). Considering the abject corruption that the DNC has perpetrated, this idea seems somewhat laughable. In fact, it seems to be more of a distraction to mitigate the damage from their own corruption and instead focus it on Russia (The Red Scare) and Trump.

History has taught us the dangers of focusing on distractions to the detriment of the nation. We saw the dangers of McCarthyism and the turmoil caused by J. Edgar Hoover. Many people were ostracized or arrested because of the actions of those two. We need to pay attention to what is really at hand, the corruption of the electoral process by the unholy marriage of milquetoast politicians and the corporatocracy that supports them.
Instead, let’s focus on the activities that we actually know happened. The DNC focused its campaign to get Hillary elected before any candidate ever declared their intention to run for president. The leaks for Wikileaks show how they not only planned for this but also demeaned other potential candidates in order to shore up their imperfect candidate. Unfortunately for them (and us as well), this directly led to the election of Trump. Alas, we cannot focus on the DNC’s corruption if we decide that Russia is the ‘Big Bad’ of the week.

The DNC has used the ‘Russia’ narrative to also distract from the actions of its former head, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She is currently embroiled in a scandal involving past employees of hers that she tried to protect. Her actions involving that situation are more proof that the Red Scare is nothing more than a bait-and-switch.
In summary, the Neoliberal disaster known as the DNC is trying to distract us from their corruption by bringing in the Russian Red Herring. They will succeed if we aren’t more discerning of their tactics. We have seen that the tactic has given us a Republican majority in the federal government already. The goal should be to focus more on fixing the incongruities of our electoral process more than the supposed hacking of the DNC’s servers by Russia.

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