Just Help Disaster Victims

The horrific hurricanes that have destroyed so much of Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, and the US Virgin Islands, along with the fires in California has been traumatic for all the people who live there. It’s a shame, but let us not lose focus on what the real problem is. It’s not the people of Texas. We should use our best efforts to put the money in where it’s needed at both the state and federal level. It’s much easier to blame other people than to force our politicians to take responsibility. Be it at the state or the federal level, I guess it’s a lot easier to just watch people die than it is to help them. And we all know that Monday morning quarterbacking isn’t going to help the situation.

I would like to end this with a paraphrased quote from John F Kennedy. Kennedy once said words to the effect “Let us not seek the Democratic answer, nor the Republican answer, but the right, moral answer.” That is what we need” the right, moral answer. And the moral answer to me is simply this: we need to put smart Progressive people in office and get rid of the lame excuse-driven Republicans and Democrats — because the Kennedy Democrats, the Roosevelt Democrats, are gone. They need to move forward and get progressives with ideas to fix these problems. Then, and only then, will things be right.

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