No Time to Waste

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I am tired of dancing the sweet dance of privilege… It takes a truly privileged mindset to slow-play saving the suffering from destitution.

I know suffering… for reasons of my own making… some others brought to me… systemic issues… Calvinism… all have had deleterious effects on my personal viability… even well-employed. I see folks desperate… and there is no REAL sense of urgency… people are content… paying lip service to wanting things while all the while saying horrific things about overthrowing the system… like the suffering have that long….

I am tired of folks seeing bombs and ignoring austerity… or… as Warren Mosler eloquently put it in Kansas City at the 2017 First Annual World MMT conference, the headline left is really hurting us …

They lie and say we need to find money to pay for things. They make the FEDERAL government out to be the broken victim as opposed to the people suffering from austerity.

We have to act like we are diving in front of a bullet shot at our child when considering how important it is to learn and educate others about #MMT.

It. Is. Exactly. Like. That.

I am done with this notion that we can sit idly back and ponder “what-ifs” and tone.

I realized overnight, as the protesters in DC at Disrupt J20 and Occupy Inauguration did, that our ability to protest and speak out is being destroyed and when you stifle people, terror ensues.

Worse… those who would benefit are steeped in myths, legends and lies from the table cloth, blocking them from rising and demanding the #publicmoney be spent on the 99%.

Federal taxes do not pay for spending…. if you do not understand why this is so GODDAMNED important to learn… if you are busy defending THE BIG LIE… if you are spending all your time propping up a politicians words and their person in sycophantic hero worship… you might have blood on your hands.

Time to stop lying and save lives.

It may be your child’s life you are saving.


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