The Danger of Hope

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You can sell the hope and boundless possibilities that come with understanding Modern Money or you can focus on the evils and death of neoliberalism. Both are equally true and both are equally necessary to understand and communicate.
I hate spending all my time having to slam the devils of Neoliberalism but the issue is most don’t understand that they themselves are accidental Neoliberals and therefore part of the problem.
I hate having to force the mirror to come out and bite them. But the mirror stares back hard.
It is why folks can long for polite Neoliberals instead of fighting for actual progressives who say and want the same things. They are too busy being distracted by the spectre of Donald Trump to see the evil in their own midst.
Evil is evil regardless of whether they have a (D) or (R) next to their name.
But hope is tricky.
People are conditioned to be cynical. They confuse cynicism for being “woke”. Hope is a bridge too far for many. The idea that we can have nice things has almost been socialized out of their consciousness.
Hope is scary.
Hope is dangerous.
Hope can cause extreme joy and a positive mental attitude or it can cause the pain to intensify should the hope prove to he a let-down.
But without hope, what is the point?
To me, the only real and actionable way to have hope is to #LearnMMT.

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