The 2nd Annual MMT Conference in NYC is Underway!

Well, it’s that time again: it’s time for the second annual MMT convention, this time in NYC! With a lineup like last year’s you’d think it hard to top, but this year we are lucky indeed to be graced with the likes of L Randall Wray, Bill Mitchell, and Mathew Forstater who are set to answer the question of ‘What is MMT?”, and talk about its origins, as original thinkers on the subject. This roundtable discussion will track the school of thought through its inception, explaining fundamental precepts which comprise it.

Also on board is Stephanie Kelton, who will be covering the issue of mainstreaming MMT, or making it readily available and palatable to as many people as possible. Considering her experiences speaking to a wide variety of audiences, from corporate CEO’s to graduating students about MMT, she will likely prove a wonderful choice. Her keynote address will explain the evolution of MMT, from an academic discipline to a massive, global intellectual revolution.

In addition to covering the definition, origins, and growth of MMT, yet another roundtable discussion is set to explore the impact of MMT on policy and political discussion. On this panel, Rohan Grey, Lua Yuille, Scott Fullwiler, and Christine Desan will explore not only the effects on economic and political discourse when MMT is introduced to the discussion but how that effect might best be directed in the future. It is not to be missed!

The remaining panel discussions will all revolve around the idea of using MMT to fund a federal job guarantee program. In the first one, Raà l Carrillo, Sarah Treuhaft, and Shawn Sebastian will tackle the logistical problems associated with building a job guarantee coalition. The idea that employment is a right has grown, and now encompasses a wider scope of people who have vested interests in enacting it. Bringing them all together to form a force to be reckoned with is very important, though potentially tricky. They will tell us how it can be done!

Finally, the last panel will discuss how a federal job guarantee can benefit not just the United States, but the entire world in the future. Adding to this discussion will be Pavlina Tcherneva, Kate Aronoff, Donatella Alessandrini, and Vicki Schultz! Each will lend their expertise to the subject, presenting the potential impacts of a job guarantee on society, as jobs which have never been viewed as ‘financially lucrative’ can suddenly find a place at the budgeting table based on their positive impact on society, not their ability to generate funds.

After the speakers and roundtable discussions, there will be workshops, along with several livestreams which are set to go live! Stay tuned to Real Progressives for live coverage of the event, from our own Steve Grumbine, Jeff Epstein, and Geoff Ginter! Geoff Ginter was available for comment about the event, and to tell how he and Jeff Epstein will be involved in it.

Geoff and Jeff will be on a panel Saturday morning. With them will be Patricia Pino and Martin Watts. According to Geoff, after Dr. Kelton’s keynote speech at noon on Friday, they may have a shot at a private interview with her!

So remember to tune into RP here on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for full coverage of the event, so that you can appreciate the full scale and importance of what’s going on there!

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