Progressives #Insist; Liberals Only #Resist

There’s a big difference in philosophy between progressives and ‘liberals’. Liberals prefer to ‘resist’. That only means fighting against something ‘aka’ push back. As progressives, we prefer to #Insist. That means we are actually fighting for something.

Because of that, liberals are always short on policy. They care more about fighting the policies of others, usually half-witted. Progressives want actual change: a true move of the Overton Window back to the left. Policies that #insist we have a better world.

As we come close to election day, liberals will fight against some of the GOP’s horrible policies. But they won’t fight to create better ones than we have now. Progressives will always #insist that the world MUST CHANGE!

Also, after election day, do liberals continue to fight? Or do they go back to daily life? Progressives know that voting is only a part of the fight. Daily, there must be actions that remind politicians, corporations, lobbyists, etc. that the people will not stand by.

By being a progressive, you understand that the fight for better policies must continue. Because we #Insist on a better world, we cannot be complacent. Instead, we are vigilant, constantly working to create a world that will truly take care of all!

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