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Italian investigative journalist, Paolo Barnard, begins protesting for Julian Assange’s freedom in front of the embassy of Ecuador, in London. On his website, we can read:

From December 27 to January 6 I will be in the mornings for 3 hours in front of the Embassy of Ecuador in London to demonstrate for the freedom of journalism to take advantage of the whistleblowers without risking the death penalty or jail time. It means the very life of true journalism. This therefore means the freedom of Julian Assange. I will carry the sign below, which reads: MY WORK IS HELD PRISONER HERE, FREE ASSANGE, FREE MY WORK. Meaning is obvious.

paolo barnard


He will also make a symbolic celebration during the last hour of the year:

The night of December 31st will be from 23:00 to 1:00, always under the Embassy of Ecuador, for a symbolic toast to the freedom of Assange in 2019, and I will carry the placard below, which reads: WE WISH YOU A NEW YEAR OF LIBERATE, JULIAN. 2019.

The news at the time was completely ignored by the Italian media, completely aligned with the mainstream information and too busy talking about Nutella and Minister Salvini. Barnard himself refused to inform the media:

I have not divulged these initiatives to any media or party in Italy for obvious reasons, that is: Italians are an incurable provincial people, according to whom the whole universe of geopolitics and economy, technology and fundamental human freedoms revolves around how many Vù Cumprà Salvini hunting from the country, to how many thieves assessors are denounced by the Fact Daily, and if the Raggi wins, and it is totally useless to warn them of anything outside, the media then let it go. Also because the destinies of the living today are in no case decided by Italians (fortunately).

Place this ad, then, just for your info, since you read me. Nothing else.

If you are in London, we warmly invite you to join the protest and take the opportunity to meet one of the greatest journalists in Europe. 

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