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Taxes filed, returns expected

The 99 might feel rejected

When they see what they get back

They need that money to stay on track

The corporations will get fat instead

With some tax cut legislation

Wages will increase, is what they said

With stock buy-backs the wealth gets fed

Into the mouths of rich shareholders

Stock dividends, portfolio folders

While most of us live check to check

Trickle-down wont pay the rent

The taxman still comes for your dollars

Unless you’re wearing a white collar

Loopholes on their capital gains

I think their bathtub still needs drained.

Tax them all to pay for this?

Green New Deal, we pump our fists!

But how we gonna pay for it?

Congress spends a deficit!

Taxes don’t fund federal spending

It’s these truths I keep defending

“The sky is falling, inflation’s soaring!!”

We’re only limited by resources

The government spends, then they tax you

Taxes give our currency value!

Once collected they disappear

Into the sub-stratosphere

Money is keystroked into existence

MMT you can’t resist it!

It’s a system, not just a theory,

Describing sovereign fiat currency

So do some research, learn the basics

Taxes, bonds, and economics

Ellis, Steve up in the booth

Real Progressives brings you TRUTH!

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