MMT and Consciousness Evolution

Humanity has evolved from survival skills of cave days to our current technology driven society. We have everything at our fingertips that we can possibly imagine yet we are still crawling on our bellies when it comes to implementing solutions for real issues such as hunger, poverty, pollution, and disease. Too many beings actually believe these issues are necessary evils in order to secure liberty and freedom. This is the grossest program in the matrix that has ever been imprinted on the human psyche. Necessary evil is exactly what is keeping us from evolving consciousness. Those who profit from necessary evil imprinted this nonsense into mass consciousness through indoctrinations in order to disempower our collective consciousness from evolving.

They purposely keep humanity at the level of survival mode, but when one is hungry and stuck in survival mode, who has time for conscious evolution? This is the most insidious catch-22 ever. However, the answer is right here in our consciousness when we work together in unity. As I have witnessed in the progressive movement, individuals of higher consciousness are working together to implement solutions to poverty, pollution, hunger and give people living with disease a chance, at the very least bringing them a level of comfort that all humans deserve.

Necessary evil desires us to believe there is no solution because it costs too much money, this is where Modern Monetary Theory swoops in and exposes the illusion of the money matrix. With these simple facts: The US government is the currency issuer. Our government is sovereign. The US does not borrow money from anyone. We do not have a debt to be repaid. Debt at the federal level is only an accounting system to keep track of how much money the federal government has issued. Let’s be clear, MMT is in no way a permission slip for unlimited spending. The spending should be for resources such as land labor etc. creating a strong balanced economy. If this confuses anyone, it is only because these important facts of economics have been left out of our education system. I encourage you to research MMT. Real Progressives is an excellent source for information regarding MMT and independent, alternative news. https://www.realprogressives,org/ Stephanie Kelton, L. Randall Wray, Warren Mosler, Mathew Forstater, Scott Fullwiler, Ellis Winningham, are experts on MMT academics.

As we share knowledge and educate each other we will dissolve the illusions that are keeping us trapped and preventing our consciousness evolution. As we evolve our collective consciousness we will reach new heights that will benefit every being. We will break free from our current limitations and truly experience what liberty is.

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