The Progressive Compass – Vol. 2 Issue 2

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What’s New

REAL PROGRESSIVES is always progressing. Here’s what’s new for us lately and what we’re working on.

Uniting and Fighting for Social and Economic Justice in the Age of Trump


Join Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action on Wednesday, February 19th, at 9 pm ET for a Zoom call presentation. Special guests Lua KamƒÂ¡l Yuille and Mathew Forstater will discuss uniting and fighting for social and economic justice in the age of Trump.

If theZoom link doesn’t work, use this link to find your local number. Meeting ID: 295 172 901

If you did not make it to last month’s national outreach call with Bill Mitchell, the recording is now available. It was a great success, bringing our volunteers and guests into the conversation about the language and framing of MMT.

Real Progress in Action Endorses Bernie Sanders!

Real Progress in Action was founded to foster collaboration with other groups of progressives in order to serve the needs of the masses using the lens of Modern Monetary Theory to guide policy prescriptions. Understanding that we have only a few years to correct our nation’s path before doing irreparable harm to our world and its people, we must act immediately to stave off crisis. Real Progress in Action recognizes that there is only one presidential candidate capable of fighting for us at the national and international levels. That candidate is Bernie Sanders.

We Have a New Show!

VIDEO: In the pilot episode of our new election show, Steve Grumbine and Jodi Newell are joined by Iowa Caucus volunteers Alicia Trimble and Armando Cardenas. The panel discusses the Iowa Caucus, the fallout from bad technology, and what it was like on the ground.

February 11: Venezuelan Embassy Protectors’ Trial

Real Progress in Action is calling on all progressives to support the Venezuelan Embassy Protectors, whose trial begins February 11th in Washington, DC. Listen to this important episode of Macro n Cheese. Our friend Ajamu Baraka, co-chair of the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee, explains the history and brings us up to date.

Update from the PMO


The focus this month is on increasing member engagement in social media on all of our platforms. We’re excited to announce that we passed the 40,000 download milestone for our Macro n Cheese podcast. Thank you to our loyal listeners!

Knowledge Area Spotlight: Democracy


The Abuse of Ruth

Liberals shouldn’t force a justice to do the job they should do themselves.

“The Ginsburg Paradox also illustrates another failing of the Party. Politicization of the SCOTUS has been going on for at least a hundred years. A party invested in upholding the foundations of our democracy should be doing all it can to reverse that dynamic and that perception in the mind of the electorate.”

Sanders vs Warren and the Overton Window with Robert Hockett

PODCAST: Why does Bob Hockett say Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren are like FDR and Eleanor — post-affair? What (or who) is behind Liz’s betrayal? You’ve heard the macro; sometimes we have to get into the cheese.

Racial Prejudice in Britain Rises with Unemployment

Bill Mitchell has a long record of studying the relationship of racism to economic cycles and employment. In the UK a survey found that racial prejudice spiked during the global financial crisis.

“Clearly, there are many factors contributing to this rather distasteful result, but if austerity is exacerbating the underlying factors, then we have another reason to oppose it. This research also bears on the Brexit debate.”Â

MMT Spotlight


Coming Soon: “The Deficit Myth” by Stephanie Kelton

We cannot contain ourselves! This much-anticipated book on MMT will be in stores June 9, but is available for pre-order now at a reduced price. Click here for more details.

“Poured my heart into this and am delighted to report that the book is finished… Book tour stops already include: New York City, D.C., Portland, Chicago, Sacramento, Seattle, and Toronto, with more to come.” – Stephanie Kelton

Real Progressives Writer’s Corner

What Dr. King Really Wanted

We don”™t really recognize the economic movement that Dr. King tried to establish nor do we pay enough attention to his prophetic words on the dangers of centrism..

Discard the Fiction in the Coffin ҠFind the Real MLK

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo announced cuts to Medicaid. This wouldn’t happen in a federally funded health care program –here’s why.

Real Progressives’ Media Library

These are selections from Real Progressives’ audio and video work, from our Macro n Cheese podcast to our various live streams and video interviews.

The Paradox of Enlightenment with Lua KamƒÂ¡l Yuille

PODCAST: What are the mental roadblocks to achieving a system that creates prosperity for all? We often talk about the neoliberal narrative on this podcast, but our guest, Lua Yuille, peels the onion a few more layers. She reveal the structure beneath the story-telling — showing us how our minds have been colonized.

Colored Property: A History of Redlining with David Freund

PODCAST: “Redlining” calls to mind the history of postwar segregation and wealth disparity. But there”™s so much more to the story. Join us as David Freund guides us through it.

Meme of the Month

We hope you enjoyed this issue!

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