March 2020 National Outreach Call

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What is a National Outreach Call?

Each month, Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action sponsor a call where YOU can hear a presentation, ask questions, and learn about our organizations.

Rohan Grey is the special guest for the March 25th call at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT. His topic is The Politics of Digital Currency.

Rohan’s forthcoming book, Digitizing the Dollar: The Battle for the Soul of Public Money in the Age of Cryptocurrency, will be out early next year. By joining our Zoom call, you’ll be able to hear about it well in advance of publication!

Rohan Grey is the founder and president of Modern Money Network, a research scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, and a J.S.D. candidate at Cornell Law School, where his research focuses on the law of money in the internet society.

Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask your questions.

The National Outreach Call will wrap up with a message from Steve Grumbine, founder of Real Progressives, who will give a rundown of the ongoing activities at Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action.

Whether you’re a seasoned RP volunteer, new to the organization, or simply curious about MMT and Real Progressives, join this call on Wednesday, March 25th at 9 pm Eastern time/6 pm Pacific time.

Here’s all you need to join this presentation. Zoom Meeting:

For further information, contact our National Outreach Director at 702.339.9082.

If you’ve never attended a National Outreach Call or missed last month’s call, with Lua Kamà l Yuille & Mathew Forstater, the video is available now at


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