The Fed’s Response to the Coronavirus Depression

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Join our April National Outreach Call with Nathan Tankus

Click Zoom Link to join
Password: RPApril22

Each month, Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action sponsor a call with a guest speaker who gives a presentation and answers your questions. It’s also an opportunity to learn about our organizations. Anyone and everyone is invited.

Nathan Tankus, Research Director of the Modern Money Network is the special guest for the April 22nd call at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT.

During the pandemic, the Federal Reserve has been announcing an alphabet soup of programs and updating them constantly. This can be a maze of confusion, especially since many of us don’t fully understand how the Fed operates normally. But at root, what’s happening is simple – the Fed is creating money in order to lend to businesses and financial institutions and making purchases of debt securities that trade on open markets.

Why is the Fed doing it? What is it meant to accomplish? Why is this not enough to replace the lost incomes suffered as a result of Coronavirus? Nathan will be breaking it all down and answering our questions.

Subscribe to Nathan’s blog, Notes on the Crises  

 The National Outreach Call will wrap up with a message from Steve Grumbine, founder of Real Progressives, who will give a rundown of the ongoing activities at Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action.

Whether you’re a seasoned RP volunteer, new to the organization, or simply curious about MMT and Real Progressives, join this call on Wednesday, April 22nd at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT

To join the meeting, click this ZOOM LINK Password RPApril22 

If meeting link doesn’t work, find your local number 

Password: RPApril22 (you may need the meeting ID: 550 374 977)

For further information, contact our National Outreach Director at 702.339.9082.

If you’ve never attended a National Outreach Call or missed last month’s call, with Rohan Grey, the video is available now at

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