Planet of the Humans: Documentary Critique by Mike Ewall – Part 1

Matt and Sara speak with environmental justice activist Mike Ewall, founder of the environmental group, Energy Justice Network. His team member is in the controversial film ‘Planet of the Humans’.Mike provides a critique of the documentary in part of his interview with Real Progress in Action.

“This is a film that is on the right track on many fronts, and I want to be balanced in defending it and being critical of it — not to be seen as just another one beating up the film.” – Mike Ewall

The film seems to leave people with more questions than answers as it paints a deeply bleak outlook on our future. Matt Stueck and Sara Williams ask Mike to help answer the questions in the minds of many.

Which solutions help? Which ones hurt? These could include a look at biomass, wind/solar, geothermal, incinerators, nuclear, and hydrogen. How far does the collusion go between our elected officials and the dirty energy corporations? What are the hijacked words fake conservatives use to mislead us? Who are the real unsung heroes in the movement?

Mike identifies the documentary’s red herrings and tells us where the filmmakers neglected to distinguish groups that are doing good work, some of whom are losing funding for their positions.

We learn terms and evaluate metrics used to determine the efficacy of each one in terms of their need for a baseload, ease of integration, and carbon footprint.

This is Part One of a fascinating and important interview. Look for Part Two to dive deeper into these serious problems. To fight for real solutions, we must be armed for knowledge. Fasten your seatbelts, we are just getting started!


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