Community QE, Digital Greenbacks, and the Expansion of Democracy

Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action invite you to watch our June National Outreach Call with special guest Robert Hockett.

Bob Hockett is always involved in exciting things. In the National Outreach Call, he talked about his work developing plans for cities and states to make use of the new Fed facilities, and what he’s doing to bring Fed officials together with state and municipal officials. What’s the purpose of this and how can it help communities recover from economic crises?

He’ll also tell us about his work developing and pushing a public payment platform. The “digital greenback” is a proposal for the Treasury to issue digital currency in the same way it once created the greenback dollar, a precursor to the paper bills that are still in use. He’ll explain why some refer to a Treasury-issued currency as the “democratic dollar.”

Robert Hockett is the Edward Cornell Professor of Law at Cornell Law School, Visiting Professor of Finance at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and Senior Counsel at Westwood Capital, LLC. He specializes in the law, economics, and philosophy of money, finance, and enterprise organization in their theoretical and practical, their positive and normative, and their local, national, and transnational dimensions.

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