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2020 Election: Failure of Progressive and Black Politics

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Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action invite you to our monthly National Outreach Call for October. Our guest speaker, Margaret Kimberley, is co-founder, editor, and senior columnist for Black Agenda Report. Her first book, Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents, was published in February and is available to order in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

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Macro N Cheese ​Episode 86 - 2020 with Margaret Kimberley

The interview goes over many of the crucial issues affecting our lives in 2020, from Bernie Sanders to the actions of the Democratic Party elite; from Black Lives Matter to Antifa; from the Green Party to the need to end the duopoly.

Fear Pervades Black Politics, and Makes Us Agents of Our Own Oppression

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report, 05 Mar 2020
Many Black voters recoiled in abject terror at the very thought that the Democratic Party – “our” party, in many Black folks’ minds – might fracture under the challenge of the Sandernistas.


“This book is an effort to shed light on the truth. . . . To the extent that our leaders embody aspects of who we are as a people, studying how each president has participated in our nation’s complicated and often shameful treatment of black people is as good a place as any to start.” — Margaret Kimberley

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