Jackie Fox

Jackie Fox

Hello y’all, I’m Jackie Fox - the fearless leader of seven politically non-binary foxes in a trenchcoat. We believe in abolishing unjust hierarchies and calling them out when we see them. We collectively write and create multimedia content on platforms like Real Progressives, Bitchute, Medium, Soundcloud, and uh, Youtube, when they aren’t doing evil. We pay the bills with income from Patreon, so feel free to lobby us like a run of the mill politician if you support the work.
The tiger in the rooster coop, capitalist realism
Economic Justice

The Tiger in The Rooster Coop

“What needs to be kept in mind is both that capitalism is a hyper abstract impersonal structure and that it would be nothing without our cooperation.”

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Equality with Justice

The Nickelodeon Problem

This article and video at the end address the damage that advertising has on children and the reasons why there is so much advertising targeting children.

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Circle of chairs with the words "The Carrboro Commune" on top

The Story of the Carrboro Commune

This is a story about a direct action that I wasn’t a part of but I do know a bit from locals and despite this being a small and widely underreported story, I was able to dig up enough information through my activist contacts to put together the following.

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