is a Trojan Horse

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A UBI is a neoliberal answer that solves absolutely nothing long term. It only serves as a trojan horse to dismantle real services and real community benefits. A UBI stifles the real resources needed now and for a prosperous future.

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Hold up! Everyone says that UBI will help lift all the people out of poverty equally, no matter if they want to work or not. How can that not help us, especially in the wake of a global pandemic with so many people out of work??

Some more words about how great ppl think a UBI would be that’s utter BS. Maybe a second question about why wouldn’t it be the best thing ever?? 

What’s really needed in order to help everyone is universal basic services, like food, housing, clean water, medicare for all, free education. These should be constitutional rights, not just things people have “access” to.

For example, if you got $1000 a month, but  rent is $1200 a month, you’re not going to pay your rent with that UBI. Access doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t afford whatever you technically have access to.

Some stuff about not having a price anchor with UBI … 

which is why a FJG is superior because it sets the wage floor and forces private businesses to offer a true living wage in order to compete. With healthcare no longer connected to employment, private companies could no longer use benefits as leverage, but also could more easily afford to pay the new living wage since they wouldn’t have to offer employee healthcare benefits.

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The job guarantee isn’t just a bunch of awful jobs digging holes and then filling them back in.  It gives us an opportunity to redefine what we think of as paid work.  Why can’t we offer paid work for people who tend community gardens or visit the elderly or provide dog walking services for others, or create beautiful murals on buildings or play music in the park downtown?  The possibilities are endless.

The money to fund a program like this comes from the currency issuer, the federal government.  The administration happens at the local level to meet the diverse needs of each individual community.

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