Campaign Finance

Getting money out of politics is a big deal. Despite their claims otherwise, too often our elected officials are beholden to the corporate interests that fund their campaigns. How can we change this?

Video / Audio: Campaign Finance

Check out our collection of videos and podcast episodes focused on government of, by, and for the people.

What Will it Take to Save Election Integrity and Democracy in America

As Congress passes unprecedented bailouts with loopholes for large corporations and elite special interests, a significant portion of the American people await crumbs. Why aren’t the people being “bailed out?” In this interview, Jodi Newell discusses the systemic factors leading to this and other corporate favoritism with Josh Aciz and John Shen of Wolf-PAC, an organization dedicated to addressing the outrageous, unaccountable spending in campaigns.

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 63 – Revolutions and Reconciliations: The Bernie Sanders Movement with Ryan Grim

As The Intercept’s DC Bureau Chief, Ryan Grim is well-positioned to assess the American political scene. This interview took place a few days before Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign, but the writing was already on the wall. We all know that the movement still has work to do, but we’re faced with different possible strategies now that we no longer have Bernie to shine a light and bring media attention to it. Steve and Ryan discuss where to go from here.

Written Materials: Campaign Finance

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S.1274 – Clean Elections Act

To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act to provide for public financing for Federal elections through vouchers directed by eligible voters to the candidates of their choice.

Academic Publications: Campaign Finance

A collection of peer-reviewed white papers and working papers from our friends in the MMT academic community.

Campaign Contributions, Policy Decisions, and Election Outcomes

Proposals for campaign finance reform are essentially based on the belief that political influence can be bought with financial donations to a candidate’s campaign. But do contributions really influence the decisions of legislators once they are in office? In this brief, Christopher Magee examines the link between campaign donations and legislators’ actions.

Overcoming Systemic Voter Disempowerment with a System Changing Technology

Most governments claim they are democracies because they hold popular elections. A large majority of their citizens who cast votes also think their governments are democracies. But there are other criteria besides elections for determining whether or not a country has a functioning democracy — or a failing democracy. A major criterion, possibly the most important one, is whether voters actually control elections and their legislative consequences.

H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2019

This bill addresses voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government.

Policy Resources: Campaign Finance

Links to progressive bills and proposals currently making their way through the United States Congress

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