Election Integrity

Community oversight, transparency, increased accessibility to polling locations, vote-by-mail, automatic voter registration… There are many ways to improve election integrity. Let us show you how.

Video / Audio: Election Integrity

Check out our collection of videos and podcast episodes focused on government of, by, and for the people.

Media, Unity and Sanity: A Gaslighting Story

Steve shines a light on what election integrity means to the Progressive Movement and how our experiences since 2015 have made us smarter and stronger.

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 37 – Organizing, Democracy, and Modern Monetary Theory with Mitch Green

Steve is joined by Mitch Green of Portland DSA to talk about the Green New Deal, job guarantee, and ecosocialism.

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 79 – Electing to Speak Out: Democracy Unchained with Senate Candidate Richard Dien Winfield

This week we welcome Richard Dien Winfield, a rare candidate for national office who is running on the Federal Job Guarantee and Medicare for All. It’s no surprise, then, that Richard is fully onboard with Modern Monetary Theory and spoke at the MMT Conference in Stonybrook last September. Steve talks with him about his new book, Democracy Unchained: How We Should Fulfill Our Social Rights and Save Self-Government, and the platform for his current campaign.

Written Materials: Election Integrity

Check out these related articles from our local community and beyond.

Academic Publications: Election Integrity

A collection of peer-reviewed white papers and working papers from our friends in the MMT academic community.

Engaging New Voters: If Nonprofits Don’t, Who Will?

One of the most compelling questions asked after every election year is “what will it take to get young voters to head to the polls?” Every year is an important year for voters. Which means every year the important question to ask is, how do we ensure the most eligible citizens turn out to vote?

Removing Corporate Money from Politics

More than one hundred years ago President Theodore Roosevelt started the nation down a difficult path of campaign finance regulations when he sought a legislative ban on corporate contributions made in relation to elections. 1 What followed President Roosevelt’s plea were several regulations purposed toward refining a campaign finance system to prevent disproportionate influence of the wealthy, to regulate campaign spending, and to minimize abuses of the system through public disclosures. 2 Over the next century, Congress would pass multiple statutes in furtherance of these goals, and the Court would subsequently restrict the congressional power to regulate these areas on First Amendment grounds. This back and forth has created an intricate system of campaign finance that is in dire need of restructuring.

H.R.2513 – Corporate Transparency Act of 2019

This bill requires certain new and existing small corporations and limited liability companies to disclose information about their beneficial owners. A beneficial owner is an individual who (1) exercises substantial control over a corporation or limited liability company, (2) owns 25% or more of the interest in a corporation or limited liability company, or (3) receives substantial economic benefits from the assets of a corporation or limited liability company.

S.915 – Reward Work Act

This bill prohibits issuers from purchasing their own securities on a national exchange. The bill also requires one-third of an issuer’s board of directors to be elected by employees in order for the issuer to be allowed to register securities.

Policy Resources: Election Integrity

Links to progressive bills and proposals currently making their way through the United States Congress

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