Real Progressives Steve Grumbine wants you to volunteer

Do You Have What It Takes?

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An (un)official Real Progressives update:

Microsoft started in a garage. The Homebrew Computing Club.

Gates, Wozniak and Jobs were not exactly what you call… activists… then. They were visionaries.

They started with an idea.

Then they took certain steps to build the foundations of the idea… and began making the idea a reality

It took a lot of commitment when it was just an idea. A lot of people had to lift the heavy bags, turn the screws and pound the nails…

They didn’t start out ruling the world. Nor did they do it alone. Nor was it without tireless efforts and lots of unpaid hours building the dream.

The same with Real Progressives…

No, I am not comparing us with Microsoft, Apple or Google… I am merely pointing to a vital truth…

People, in the beginning, had to believe strongly and work tirelessly building specs, processes and procedures to get the company off the ground.

You didn’t just walk in and damn its voila! A global juggernaut…

No… people… real people… had to volunteer their long hours based in a hope that someday this “investment” would pay off.

What they did for a buck, we are hoping to do simply to change the world.

Is that too much to ask?

When a volunteer comes to Real Progressives, it can feel daunting and unstructured… because it can be and it is.

But the blue prints are there… we just need the people who believe… who share our passion… to help us build it.

It truly takes a village.

But it’s not amorphous!!!

We have a very clear picture of how this looks. Now we need you to put your name, face, blood, sweat and tears into it so we all can change the world together.

It takes MONEY to do the things we want to do.

It takes leaders who understand media.

Who understand policy and public relations.

Who understand the 7 knowledge areas of Real Progressives:

Economic Justice
Environmental and Ecological Justice
Peace with Justice
Equality with Justice
Health and Wellbeing
Technology and Innovation

Who can edit, produce, write and film…

Who want to build chapters.

Who want to teach.

Who want to organize.

Who want to see a New Deal 2.0

Who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Is that you?

Let me know.

Because I want you!

#LearnMMT #EachOneTeachOne

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