Sustainable agriculture is one way to help green the economy, but there are many more.

Video / Audio

Check out this collection of videos and podcast episodes focused on evironmental issues.

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 64 - Supply Chains and Pandemics with Steve Keen

Our guest is one of the few economists to cogently predict the global financial crisis of '08. His prediction of coming climate disaster is playing out with the coronavirus. Comprehensive reorganization is needed. He lays it out for us.

Green Provisioning (GISP Green New Deal Series Episode 4)

In this episode in our Green New Deal series, Professor Mathew Forstater discusses ways that a Green New Deal might transform the structure of the economy, by incorporating green provisioning processes. He discusses industrial ecology parks, recycling, reconditioning, repair for reuse, and urban landscaping and rooftop gardens. A Green New Deal could encourage that new and old products shift to these more sustainable patterns of production, use, and reuse.

Written Materials

Check out these related articles from our local community and beyond.

Academic Publications

A collection of peer-reviewed white papers and working papers from our friends in the MMT academic community.

Local Solutions for Environmental Justice

In the context of the prevailing abundance of diversity (biological, ethnic), the profound social inequalities, and the trends and attitudes of hegemonic forces in Latin America, a coherent process of environmental governance is proving difficult and environmental injustice is aggravated.

Paradigm Shift in Sustainable Economic and Ecological Development: The Case of Tunisia

The aim of this study is to identify the conditions that are necessary for a paradigm shift in economic and ecological development in both public and private efforts to support and enhance the development of new potential niche of sustainable and innovative sectors.

S.2391 - Stock Buyback Reform and Worker Dividend Act of 2019

This bill changes the rules for companies making stock buybacks, adding worker benefits, transparency and restrictions.

S.915 - Reward Work Act

This bill prohibits issuers from purchasing their own securities on a national exchange. The bill also requires one-third of an issuer's board of directors to be elected by employees in order for the issuer to be allowed to register securities.

Policy Resources

Links to progressive bills and proposals currently making their way through the United States Congress

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