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RP Live: Can MMT Save America? with L. Randall Wray

January 9 @ 8:30 pm EST

Randy Wray - Can MMT Save America?

Can MMT Save America?

RP Live presents a special dual-function webinar with L. Randall Wray. talking about his latest book—Making Money Work for Us: How MMT Can Save America—and launching our next RP Book Club where we will be reading & discussing it further! 

After Randy’s presentation, we will fill you in on all the details, so stick around! You’ll be able to register for the book club and we’ll send you a copy of the book soon after. 

Although he’s a professor of economics, Randy also writes for laypeople. In fact, he even has a cartoon book in the works. In other words, MMT newbies are welcome! 

L. Randall Wray is a Professor of Economics at Bard College and Senior Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute. He is the author of many books, including, The Rise and Fall of Money Manager Capitalism: Minsky’s Half Century from World War Two to the Great Recession (with É. Tymoigne), Why Minsky Matters: An Introduction to the Work of a Maverick Economist, and the groundbreaking textbook, Macroeconomics (with W. Mitchell and M. Watts).

Monday, January 9th, 2023 

8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT 

Register for RP LIVE here 


Listen to Randy Wray on Macro N Cheese

Episode 191 – Can We Make Money Work For Us? with L. Randall Wray

Episode 173 – Inflation: The Fed’s Crash Landing with L. Randall Wray



January 9
8:30 pm EST
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Real Progressives
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3 thoughts on “RP Live: Can MMT Save America? with L. Randall Wray”

  1. I would like to hear how the UK with it’s sovereign currency can pay for the NHS without fear of calamity so long as the resources exist which to purchase..
    We are seeing in the UK a real world first hand account of an attempt to destroy the NHS and move to a For Profit system and in my view it is based entirely on falsehoods..

    This is fueling the current drive by republicans to Cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, something which democrat President Joe Biden tried to do four times and something he would assuredly sign in support of republican and democrat leanings towards austerity a totally unproductive move in my view and damaging to the country..

    my apologies.. I hope that you can cover my question and will be listening in but will be unable to participate directly, perhaps another time..

    Michael Garcia
    Los Angeles, California

  2. Progressive Arty is the only shot at rescuing America
    Centrist Democrats still take money from Corporations
    Republicans work for corporations

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