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Birrion Sondahl

Birrion Sondahl is a former Bernie 2020 super volunteer, canvasser, text sweeper, and national delegate. He was also the campaign coordinator for Arn Menconi’s 2020 state senate primary. He is an activist currently living in Dillon, Colorado. He has a bachelor’s degree in Military History from American Military University and has been published in Military History Online, Due Dissidence, Dissident Voice, and Real Progressives. He is the co-host of the podcast Crawdads & Taters: Red State Rebels.

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Medicare for All, Not for Some

“The state-based strategy relies on states passing their own healthcare systems… they must fund these programs on their own… This constraint means only a very few states are even capable of carrying out this strategy.”

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Woke Imperialism is Still Imperialism

Any hope of salvaging society must come through socialism, not through the imperial war machine, no matter how “woke” it may be.

Birrion Sondahl
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