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Taking a Bite Out of That Pie in the Sky

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People will not fight for what they do not believe is possible.  
People self-select themselves out of the picture and create self-fulfilling prophecies that allow defeat to overwhelm them to the point of inertia.  
The Green New Deal requires people to understand we can not only afford but can DO great things. However, that requires the answer to the “how will you pay for this?” question.  
Because any thinking human being can see taxes never pay for bombs, nuclear weapons, tanks and F35 planes, why would we place such a burden on spending on the people of this nation?  
You see… without this knowledge it is all just “pie in the sky.” That would mean Hillary Clinton is CORRECT, but only if you believe that the nation is broke (except for military spending and tax cuts for the rich) …  
However, she is not correct. Our nation creates money every single time we spend. This REALLY is not hard. 
It does not matter if it is progressives pushing a Green New Deal or conservatives pushing a ridiculous border wall. We can afford to do anything… for good or for bad. The nation can buy ANYTHING that is for sale in US Dollars. And never go broke.  
So we must be bold in our vision. Bold in our advocacy and non-equivocating in our commitment to advancing a progressive agenda.  
That means we want to cut the military but it is not because we cannot afford to spend on it. We do not need to cut it to afford Medicare for All or Student Debt Cancellation.  
That means we can retrofit EVERY smoke stack in America… or give every American solar panels… or eliminate medical debt… or rebuild our crumbling infrastructure or even create the programs and provide the dollars for reparations for indigenous people and the descendants of slaves.  
There is no reason we cannot bail out Puerto Rico or fix the water pipes in every city across the country, including Flint, Michigan.  
Yes… we can have a Federal Job Guarantee which is federally funded but locally administered and YES, we can expand Social Security and end FICA ALL TOGETHER.  
YOU must carry the message.  
Public money. Not taxpayer dollars. Not taking from one to give to another… new money. The way it is done for every program we have today.  
Our kids deserve better. We need a Green New Deal NOW.  
If you do not understand any of this… ask.  
You should make every effort to #LearnMMT so you can help build our success for the 99%.  
Because you cannot sell a bold vision that you think is funded by taxpayer dollars. It is simply not how it is done. We must not validate the myth. 
I know you can prioritize this because if you do not…  
The world will take care of eliminating our existence anyway.  

1 thought on “Taking a Bite Out of That Pie in the Sky”

  1. That makes complete sense. I can only imagine most of the (unnecessary) spending going on that we don’t even hear of.
    Our governor (MA) announced “saving” a good chunk of the Federal funds, for now. Oh – besides some repairs on our subways and a few other “projects”. Reminds me, a bit, of the NMS and steady stream of fines$ paid by big banks and servicers Guess it’s a new source of “revenue” – while homeowners STILL seek justice.
    Cut out the middlemen – we don’t need them just like we no longer need banks with crypto, Bitcoin, etc.

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