Peace with Justice

Ending Imperialism

Repurposing resources from foreign military operations around the globe & benefiting the communities our military-industrial complex has terrorized for decades.

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Check out this collection of videos and podcast episodes focused on peace and justice at the local level and globally.

The Failed US backed coup in Venezuela. What's next? Erik Prince?

The US backed coup in Venezuela has failed. The US empire will not give up until they have crushed the Bolivarian revolution, and have gotten access to the oil which they have publicly spoken about. Now that the military coup has failed, will Erik Prince and 5000 mercenaries conduct a military coup of their own?

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 54 - Empire with Ajamu Baraka

To understand the situation in Venezuela, one must consider the history of colonialism in Latin America and the liberation struggles that emerged in the post-World War II era. The problem is that sanctions don’t merely cause discomfort. People are dying. In Venezuela alone, over 40,000 have died as a consequence of US sanctions since 2017.

Embassy Protectors: An Interview With Al Suarez & David Tornheim

For decades, the American people have been lied to about Venezuela. Today, we learn the truth. Al R. Suarez and David Tornheim, co-directors of an upcoming documentary based on their experience as embassy protectors, share the history of the Bolivarian Revolution, the recent events surrounding President Maduro’s re-election and the fight to protect the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Written Materials

Check out these related articles from our local community and beyond.

Academic Publications

A collection of peer-reviewed white papers and working papers from our friends in the MMT academic community.

White Paper on Peacebuilding

The reflections of this White Paper occur at a timely moment: the UN Peacebuilding Architecture is undergoing its 10-year review and the UN Secretary-General has established a High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations.

Promoting Public Safety, Privacy, and the Rule of Law Around the World: The Purpose and Impact of the CLOUD Act

The United States enacted the CLOUD Act to speed access to electronic information held by U.S.- based global providers that is critical to our foreign partners’ investigations of serious crime, ranging from terrorism and violent crime to sexual exploitation of children and cybercrime.

H.R.1274 - Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force

This bill would bring to a long-overdue end the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force. America’s endless wars have dragged on for nearly two decades. We claim the need to spread our divine democracy, while at the same time giving direct financial and military support to those three out of every four dictatorships that tolerate our exploitation.

H.R.5879 - Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act

This act seeks to restore to Congress their constitutionally granted power “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations,” and cease an escalating practice that began in 1977 whereby presidents use the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to establish sanctions by executive order. The question remains, however, whether any meaningful number of legislators would have objected to the Iraq sanctions that starved hundreds of thousands of children to death. Or whether there would be enough, if any, opposition to the needless suffering we’re currently inflicting on more than a dozen nations with these murderous tools of modern imperialism.

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Links to progressive bills and proposals currently making their way through the United States Congress

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