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The Green New Deal Will Save Fossil Fuel Workers & Their Communities

  The American fossil fuel industry is a sinking ship, and its workers need to ask themselves what will come next. The industry was already deeply in debt even before the Covid-19 crisis, and the current drop in crude prices will lead to a wave of firms claiming bankruptcy. This drastic reduction of fossil fuel …

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My Case for a Livable Wage

Capitalism’s most fundamental rule is: if workers have no money then business has no customers. Today, with our economy at a practical standstill and federal politicians more interested in serving their donors rather than the people, this is more true than ever before. This sad reality is slammed into all our faces as we waddle through this Covid-19 pandemic.  

Picture of Emma Caterine

Finance Plans to Profit Off of the Pandemic and How We Can Help Stop Them

Our guest speaker for May is Emma Caterine, a consumer attorney, board member of Modern Money Network, and member of Democratic Socialists of America. She will give us an overview of how finance is profiting during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the coming recession. She will also talk about organizing and look at what needs to be done by and for working people to be freed from financial exploitation and the debt trap.

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