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Paying for Populism

True democracy is populism—is it not? It has always struck me as odd that “populism” is used to describe a fringe politics, motivated by grievances that are viewed as illegitimate complaining. But if the not-profit-making needs of local and regional communities are determined and addressed by a democratic, majoritarian process, isn’t that what real “populism” …

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Labor and the Jobs Guarantee short course brochure

Labor and the Jobs Guarantee

April 1, 8, and 15 at 1pm EDT for a deep dive into defining a labor-driven Job Guarantee and highlighting its role in achieving a #GreenNewDeal. Join us! A Job Guarantee series in partnership with Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – New York Office, Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity – GISP, United Electrical Workers (UE) and Democratic …

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Verbum forum with Fadhel Kaboub, MMT, job guarantee in the global south

Understanding MMT and the Job Guarantee in the Global South

This webinar will briefly present the MMT analytical framework and demonstrate its validity for developing countries. The presentation will articulate how we can use a Job Guarantee program in the Global South as a platform for acquiring higher degrees of monetary sovereignty.

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