Sovereign Fiat Currency

Macro N Chill

Macro ‘N Chill – Fiat Socialism

An informal gathering to listen to Macro N Cheese with members of the community. Is the episode giving you new insights or raising new questions? Share them with the rest of us. This week we’ll be discussing Steve’s interview with Carlos Hernandez. Macro N Cheese episode 246, Fiat Socialism… the Convergence. (The podcast episode will …

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RP Live – Money and the Limits of Sovereignty with Scott Ferguson

RP LIVE presents a talk by Scott Ferguson, followed by Q&A. Scott Ferguson serves as editor for The Money on the Left Editorial Collective. He is a research scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainability Prosperity and co-host of Money on the Left podcast. Scott holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Film Studies. REGISTER HERE

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Functional Fiscalism

What I am going to imagine here is an argument that a progressive politician (for example, someone associated with a new Biden administration) could make in support of direct government spending to address a serious challenge to our collective well-being. By “direct” government spending I imply spending which is not “paid for” by garnering either …

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