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We are the public purpose to which the arbitarily created legal entities owe their existence. Modern Monetary Theory’s framework logically explains how the public can receive what it needs and deserves and how the public purpose can be paid for. Here you’ll find a variety of formats focusing on what the public purpose is and how that purpose can be fulfilled for all.

Video / Audio

Check out this collection of videos and podcast episodes focused on the Health & Well-Being of all of us.

MMT Mondays Mint the F**king Coin: Jordan Chariton Speaks with Rohan Grey

Minting the coin can stop the bleeding in the short term, but it also shows the great potential for public spending on much needed progressive programs beyond the pandemic. For now, the priority is to use technology and public purpose spending to keep our people afloat and prevent a second Great Depression!

Macro n Cheese Podcast Ep. 44 – The Green New Deal: Public Banking and Non-Fiscal “Pay-Fors” with Nathan Tankus

Public banking is a hot topic in progressive circles. We at Macro n Cheese support it as long as it serves the public purpose, but not all visions of public banking are equal. Luckily, we have Nathan Tankus to help us navigate the shoals. In this second episode of a three-part series, Nathan begins by addressing the overall question of banks as public institutions.

Academic Publications

A collection of peer-reviewed white papers and working papers from our friends in the MMT academic community.

Mobile Finance in Developing Countries: Macroeconomic Implications and Potential

This paper explores the macroeconomic implications of the global proliferation of mobile finance technologies in developing nations from a modern money theory (MMT)-informed perspective.

Trade and Payments Theory in a Financialized Economy

Ricardian trade theory was based on the cost of labor at a time when grain and other consumer goods accounted for most subsistence spending. But today’s budgets are dominated by payments to the finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE) sector and to newly privatized monopolies. This has made FIRE the determining factor in trade competitiveness.

H.R.4979 – Rural STEM Education Act

Outside of the successful coastal technology hubs, the American education system is lacking, leaving congress expecting a worsening shortage of STEM workers. Much of America’s increasing needs are already being outsourced, all while the enormous potential of America’s heartland brainpower festers for lack of proper funding. Further, COVID-19 has demonstrated that tech workers can base themselves anywhere, there is no longer any reason to confine themselves to lives in high rent cities when they can work from anywhere. Realizing these points, the Rural STEM education act seeks to provide America’s rural youth with the tools that will both keep our nation competitive and their hometowns thriving, by directing the National Science Foundation to conduct research and award new grants.

H.R.5243 – Closing the Homework Gap Through Mobile Hotspots Act

The COVID-19 crisis has elevated the need for our government to provide Mobile Hotspots for children to do homework from ethical to a civil rights issue. With public schools closed and education taking place online and at home, we’re effectively resegregating our schooling socio-economically. While it’s overly visible in this time of crisis, the effects of this division in data access are always harmful, and always preventable. This bill seeks to use research and grant money to make sure our children have all the tools they need to thrive in our increasingly digital world.

Policy Resources

Links to progressive bills and proposals currently making their way through the United States Congress

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