The Progressive Compass – Vol 2 Issue 11

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Featured Content

What We (Should Have) Learned From Election 2020

Although media had us expecting a “Blue Wave,” Democrats lost four seats in the House and gained just one in the Senate. The DNC has a narrative to explain it: if it weren’t for the “far-left” scaring people with its extremist ideas, the Blue Wave would have been yuuuge.

Don’t buy it. Every single Democrat that endorsed Medicare For All won their election – including the ones in swing districts. Every single Democrat that lost 
was a “centrist” – anti-Progressive.

Democrats turned to moderate Republicans, hoping this would deliver them that Blue Wave. 

While John Kasich couldn’t deliver Ohio for Biden, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib delivered their states – both gaining votes since last they were election. The message here should be obvious.

The simple facts: Joe Biden underperformed. Democrats in the Senate and the House underperformed. Corporate Democrats lost, while Progressive Democrats won.

Florida is particularly interesting. In Florida, there was a direct ballot initiative in to raise the minimum wage. This passed with 60% of the vote, but these same voters also chose Trump over Biden by 3%. How do we interpret this? There is only one conclusion to make: progressive policy is just more popular than corporate Democrats.

This bears repeating: Progressivism is popular and centrist Democrats aren’t. Do not let the DNC corporatists spin this and cast aspersion on Progressives. The winners will not be lectured by the losers on how to win.

Progressives aren’t a drag on the DNC – they’re the only thing keeping it afloat at all. With this in mind, neoliberals who want progressives to ‘go away’ should be careful what they wish for.

Kyle Kulinski explains in detail HERE.

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Writers' Corner

MMT Spotlight

Recent Multimedia

Modern Monetary Theory with Steven D Grumbine

Steve talks to Robert Stanley, host of Right to Reason podcast, about MMT.

Jodi Newell and Geoff Ginter continue their look at poverty in the US, with a special focus on media bias. Media creates a narrative that serves the interests of the ruling elite. Their message shapes the public’s opinion, crafting the wide-spread belief that poverty is the result of individual moral failings of lazy people rather than intentionally built into the system (this is part 2 of 3).

Jordan and Steve discuss the likelihood of even a pittance of a stimulus payment making it our way before the election, hypotheses of what will happen during the lame-duck session, and the greater economic fallout of the government’s negligence of duty to its people – particularly when it can afford to make “the people” whole. 

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What’s Next? With Fadhel Kaboub

Come Join Our End-Of-Year National Outreach Call with Fahdel Kaboub!

As 2020 sputters to an end, we at Real Progressives are turning our sights to the year ahead. Join our guest, Fadhel Kaboub, as he talks about what deserves our attention in the coming months. From complementary currencies to the Biden appointments to global economics, bring your questions and expect a lively discussion.

Recent Events

Watch our November National Outreach Call with Esha Krishnaswamy

Esha Krishnaswamy, host of the podcast, joins Real Progressives’ monthly National Outreach Call, to discuss leftist political theory and its relevance to our deteriorating economic, social and political conditions.

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