The Progressive Compass – Vol 2 Issue 9

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Since COVID-19 began, there have been several African declarations made calling for deep structural reforms to enhance medical and economic resilience on the continent. Real Progressives joins Fahdel Kaboub and colleagues to propose  specifics – particularly a call to enhance African economic and monetary sovereignty. Hence, we have an open letter that could use all the signatures it can get. Please add your name!
Fadhel Kaboub uses the MMT lens to explain the interconnectedness of the lack of monetary sovereignty, lack of food and energy independence, and lack of political power.

MMT Spotlight

Knowledge Area: Technology & Innovation

Writers' Corner

Recent Videos

Jodi Newell hosts a discussion panel centering around the war on drugs, the opioid crisis, and the subsequent economic/societal impacts of the continued criminalization of mental health issues… but even deeper than that, the criminalization of poverty in this country, which interconnects all of these issues.
The fight against big money in politics requires strong alliances with loud voices. The interference of money in elections is exacerbated by unprecedented, blatant efforts to restrict voting access throughout our nation. Granny D Haddock foresaw these in 2000 when she took a stand against atrocities to democracy.

Watch our September National Outreach Call with Fahdel Kaboub

Much discussion of combating climate change has focused on centers of power. Prof. Fadhel Kaboub talks about the Green New Deal in the context of the global South. It is time for a comprehensive redesign of the global economic infrastructure to stem the historic flow of money and resources from the poorest to the richest countries.

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