The Progressive Compass – Vol 3 Issue 1

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Mass Homelessness on the Horizon

Thanks to the tireless efforts from our capable Congress, millions of people will begin getting evicted soon. Here's what that means for those of us that didn't get paid $130,000 to make these decisions.

Real Progressives News

End of Year Fundraiser Starts 2021 with a Bang!

Our end of year fundraiser was a massive success! It’s this kind of grassroots-driven volunteer activism that keeps RP functioning and bringing you high-quality, uncensored, relevant content without a micron of corporate influence. Big thanks also to our wonderful mega-donor Katherine Klass, who double matched all donations to RP during the month of December. All told we were able to raise $10,223!

Macro N Cheese Celebrating its 100th Episode!

Happy 100!
On December 26th we released our 100th episode of Macro N Cheese. That’s 100 weeks of premium podcast content. What began as a series of interviews with MMT experts has expanded beyond the scope of macroeconomics to include the worlds of labor, political strategy, and even current events… when they can’t be ignored. Celebrate with us, and enjoy Episode 100, “Flying With Sara Nelson.”

RP Book Club - The Deficit Myth

Register for the new RP Book Club – The Deficit Myth, by Stephanie Kelton. Each week we’re playing the audio book of a chapter, narrated by Professor Kelton herself! It will be followed by Q&A with a guest MMT expert. Tuesdays 8:30-10:30 p.m. EST/5:30-7:30 PST. 
Click here to register!

Writers' Corner

Recent Multimedia

Steve Grumbine brings MMT to Jimmy Dore’s large audience in one of the best summaries of MMT ever made. Jimmy and Steve discuss money, the gold standard, deficit spending, “taxpayer dollars,” military spending, demand economies, austerity — and strategies for action.

Steve Grumbine speaks with Jordan Chariton about the Democrats’ signaling support for a measly stimulus bill at a time when 20 million + are facing eviction.

Dr. J.T. Harvey, also known as the “Cowboy Economist,” lays out the argument for exactly why we need a federal job guarantee.

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  • Educators and facilitators to help us with educational pods and work with students.

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