The Progressive Compass – Vol 3 Issue 2

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Real Progressives Celebrates Black History Month

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February is the month assigned to celebrate the history of a people that are the backbone of the United States of America. Much of the hard labor necessary to transform this land from a wilderness to the preeminent power of the world was and is performed by these people of different shades, origins, and beliefs.

Let us use this time to reflect on the great sacrifice of a people that have never been able to reap the full benefits of their hard labor.

In The News: Fascism and Censorship

Are fascists being censored, and is it okay? What is fascism? What is authoritarianism, and what form does it take in today’s context? Is consent being manufactured by a corrupt media? What about surveillance? Are we living in “1984?” If so, what can we do about it? Real Progressives’ writers weigh in.

MMT Spotlight

Writers' Corner

Interested in joining us? Explore these and many more potential volunteer roles with Real Progressives. We’ll train you!

  • Writers, poets and artists to create original content for the website, articles for the newsletters, loose/short scripts, and video write-ups.
  • Social media managers for our social media accounts.
  • Voice-over talent to do voice-overs for our videos.
  • Techies to assist with sound/video editing and graphic design.
  • Educators and facilitators to help us with educational pods and work with students.

Questions? Send us an email at

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