Theory and Practice with Esha Krishnaswamy

Esha Krishnaswamy, host of the podcast, joins Real Progressives’ monthly National Outreach Call, to discuss leftist political theory and its relevance to our deteriorating economic, social and political conditions. In addition to Marxist theory and Lenin quotes, Esha touches on the importance of understanding MMT, especially during economic crises, to better strategize and organize resource allocation to meet the needs of people abandoned by capitalism.

Esha was recently a guest on our podcast, Macro N Cheese, episode 92, Propaganda and the Vortex of Centrism.

Follow her on Twitter @eshaLegal

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Propaganda and the Vortex of Centrism

We take a historical materialist look at today’s politics with the host of podcast after she consults a few philosophers from Locke to Lenin.

Listen Here

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