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So….everyone…what’s the deal?
Are we all still focused on political parties and individual politicians, or are we going to, for ONCE, concentrate on policies?
I guarantee you all if you focused on policies the way you all obsessively focus on politicians, parties, and elections like it’s a horse race, then we would already have:
  • Medicare For All
  • Tuition Free College For All
  • A Green New Deal (ending climate change)
  • A Federal Job Guarantee (w/ expanded SSI, ending involuntary poverty)
  • Guaranteed public housing (ending involuntary homelessness)
  • A 21st century infrastructure
  • Demilitarized police and vastly expanded social services
  • A vastly different foreign policy that exports actual peace instead of war
  • Money out of politics
  • An end to our corrupt banking and legal institutions
And that’s just the start. People have been talking about this shit for as long as I’ve been alive (going on 51 years). This, and so much more, could all have been accomplished already if we had kept our eye on the ball. But we keep allowing ourselves to be easily distracted by shiny objects.
Trump? Biden? They’re both bad. And more, they’re both equally bad. Just because they are bad for different reasons doesn’t change the fact that they’re both equally bad. Ignore your lizard brain. Keep your mind and your eyes wide open. You all seem to agree that “these are the end times”. Can you really afford to be captive to narratives that haven’t worked for generations? That has led to mass suffering, misery, bankruptcies, homelessness, and death? Narratives that led directly to Trump in the White House?
Yes, one of these two apocalypse courting assholes will sit behind the Resolute Desk in the White House next year. And neither of them wishes to accomplish anything from the above list (even if one of them wishes to appear that he wants to, he doesn’t. “Look at my record”, he says. I did. He doesn’t).
So the only real issue of note is:
What will you do? Now? Not later – now!
  • Finding a hero hasn’t worked.
  • Supporting a candidate or party, no matter what they do, hasn’t worked.
  • Vetting candidates to make sure they support your positions hasn’t worked.
So try something new. Push policies. I guarantee you that you’ll get push back. The people in power don’t want to do these things and they certainly don’t want to hear from you about these things. But you’re not supposed to care about what they want. They are supposed to care about what we want.
Push policies. Be loud. Be uncompromising. Be belligerent. Be in their faces. Be what you need to be to get this done.
Because nothing else has worked.
And people have been needlessly dying this whole time while we keep trying, again, that which hasn’t worked.
And we’re dying, still. And we will continue to die until we change.

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