What If We Could Still Do Great Things?

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What if we told you that the most important thing you can do is help the people see that we can afford anything we need to make the country a place that takes care of the environment through massive investments in sustainable output and renewable, green energy?

That we can ensure full employment and forever end involuntarily unemployment for all who wish to have a good job, at a living wage?

That we can provide free healthcare to all, regardless of their station in life?

That we can make student loans a thing of the past and eradicate the current debts and make College free for all who wish to have an education?

What if we told you we could have high speed rail and solar highways as well?

How about expanding social security to allow for earlier retirement, expand the definition of eligibility and include self care, child care and a many other forms of family, life affirming services that empower people to lead truly free and independent lives?

What if we told you we could invest in desalination plants that convert deep cold waters to drinkable water and use them for power as well?

We could put an end to War.

The list is so expansive.

So incredibly difficult, yet attainable if we just allow people insight into this vision for a better tomorrow.

The question becomes “how are you gonna pay for it” and as long as we have the real resources available for purchase in US Dollars (or insert other sovereign currency issuing nation’s unit of account), our government can marshal those services for the public purpose and have a planet sustaining mobilization akin to the mobilization that we saw during World War 2.

Not only is it possible… but with scientists saying we may have 12 errr 9 years before we are seeing the catastrophic effects of climate change… it is an imperative…

This change

This movement…

Must happen with the people… regardless of party…. regardless of elections… the people must believe and see for themselves or they will fold up like a cheap tent or fight for all the wrong things in desperation…

Why not just a party?

Partisanship blinds people.

Movements are the people.

How might you say we can afford this?

The power of a currency issuing nation with the incredible real resources of the United States (or insert other sovereign currency issuing nation’s unit of account) and our allies is not to be scoffed at.

This has to become the most important thing or we will miss our window and there will be no turning back.

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