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Warren Mosler

Shoring Up the Green Party

Many people are hopeful at the prospect of a 3rd party in US politics, but without a shift from current neoliberal austerity policies and outdated gold standard thinking, there can be no real change.

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L. Randall Wray

Towards a Libertarian/Austrian Modern Money Theory

Any time there is an MMT post, the comments are dominated by conspiracy theorists, haters of government, goldbugs, and victims of alien probings who are certain that MMT-ers are united in their effort to ramp up government until it consumes the entire economy.

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Check out Grumbine’s show The Rogue Scholar!

His first guest on the show is none other than the fantastic, ever-inspiring activist for single payer healthcare and MMT, Geoff Ginter.

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Real Progressives - Modern Monetary Theory

Why the New Deal Became the No Deal

The opening photo montage [on the Real Progressives home page] seems to be outlining an over-arching story about why American progressivism needs to make a special effort, now, to re-kindle the vision of Franklin Roosevelt. The activist, direct government spending of Roosevelt’s New Deal pulled America from the depths of the Great Depression, mobilized the nation for the successful prosecution of World War II and, after the war, ushered in a decade of…

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