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Real Progressives relate today's topics of concern to practical examples of Modern Monetary Theory.

We use the lens of MMT to help audiences understand causality and effective solutions within macroeconomic policy through practical, real-world examples. We present facts dispelling the myths of federal funding, tax policy, deficit spending, inflationary risk and unemployment, along with other vital issues.

Real Progressives - Modern Monetary Theory

Why the New Deal Became the No Deal

The opening photo montage [on the Real Progressives home page] seems to be outlining an over-arching story about why American progressivism needs to make a special effort, now, to re-kindle the vision of Franklin Roosevelt. The activist, direct government spending of Roosevelt’s New Deal pulled America from the depths of the Great Depression, mobilized the nation for the successful prosecution of World War II and, after the war, ushered in a decade of…

Were you impacted by the 2008 great financial crisis? You are not alone!

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Modern Monetary Theory and Economic Justice

Economic Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Environmental and Ecological Justice

Environmental & Ecological Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Peace with Justice

Peace with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Equality with Justice

Equality with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Democracy


Modern Monetary Theory - Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Technology & Innovation - Modern Monetary Theory

Technology and Innovation

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