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"Real Progressives teaches us how money works using MMT. Americans need to learn this so we stop asking, how are we going to pay for it? Money isn't the issue for the Federal government, they are not like a household, they are money creators, states, you and I are money users. What's needed is the political will and for people to learn MMT."
Steven Devore
RP Supporter
"Say what you will about Real Progressives and founder Steven D. Grumbine but thanks to their hard, persistent work, there is a progressive army out here right now teaching others that “federal taxes do not fund federal spending” and Social Security can never go bankrupt and we CAN afford Medicare for All! Thank you for all your hard work, tireless nights, tears, sweat, frustration and exhaustion in teaching us #MMT!"
Araquel Bloss
Founder of the Progressive Independent Party, RP Supporter
"An incredible group of regular people and scholars from around the world with a genuine concern for improving the lives of ALL people and planet, through the fair and proper use of our economic systems. I've come to realize that we are not powerless."
Carol Coutinho
RP Supporter

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