Democracy must be of, by and for the people - it is not a spectator sport.

Citizens United means corporations count more than humans
Voter Suppression
Felons still cannot vote in some states

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What can we do?
There are more options than you might think, but they will not come easy without a solid understanding of basic macroeconomics.

We are here to help teach the 99%.

This is how we work together and win.
End Citizens United
It is time for corporations to no longer have a voice in our elections.

Doing this will allow real people to actually control the electoral process instead of oligarchs
Ending Gerrymandering
Allow for everyone's vote to count the same

Use computer programs to accurately and fairly assign citizens to districts
Bring Back The Protections of the Voter Rights Act of 1965
Forces federal oversight of local elections

Ends suppression based on race, sex, or gender
Allow Felons to Vote
Helps keep them part of society

Their voices should be heard even it they are incarcerated

Rights and citizen benefits should not be taken away after time is served
Where Do I Learn More?
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Weaponizing knowledge, one mind at a time.

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Modern Monetary Theory and Economic Justice

Economic Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Environmental and Ecological Justice

Environmental & Ecological Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Peace with Justice

Peace with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Equality with Justice

Equality with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Democracy


Modern Monetary Theory - Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Technology & Innovation - Modern Monetary Theory

Technology and Innovation

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