Economic Justice is not about money, it's about the equitable distribution of real resources.

Economic Justice

Income inequality is at an all-time high.

The majority of new wealth ends up in the hands of the 1%.

We have been led to believe our government is broke or in debt, and unable to spend for the public good.

We’ve been lied to.


What can we do?

There are more options than you might think, but they will not come easy without a solid understanding of basic macroeconomics.

We are here to help teach the 99%.

This is how we work together and win.

Federal Job Guarantee

The Federal government spends to provide a living wage with good benefits, and the jobs are created by necessity at the local level to ensure advantage to communities as well as individuals.

We can eliminate involuntary unemployment and raise wage levels by setting a base wage and benefit package to everyone who wants to work that will force private sector employers to compete for workers.

Student Debt Cancellation

Provides an immediate economic stimulus

Allows people to move forward with their lives

Medicare for All & Medical Debt Cancellation

Healthier, happier population

Instant economic stimulus

Healthcare no longer tied to employment

Free College and a Right to an Education

Create demand for education jobs

Increased opportunities regardless of zip code or tax bracket

Adds to the resource pool for in demand careers like healthcare, technology & environmental sciences

Ending Unfunded Federal Mandates to the States

Stop states competing with each other for employers

Eliminate underfunded schools, infrastructure, public services

Put the brakes on the Race to the Bottom

Where Do I Learn More?

Click on any of the below focus area links to learn more about what’s currently happening and what types of solutions are being offered to help create a brighter future for all of us.

Weaponizing knowledge, one mind at a time.

Visit our seven focused Knowledge Areas.

Modern Monetary Theory and Economic Justice

Economic Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Environmental and Ecological Justice

Environmental & Ecological Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Peace with Justice

Peace with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Equality with Justice

Equality with Justice

Modern Monetary Theory and Democracy


Modern Monetary Theory - Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Technology & Innovation - Modern Monetary Theory

Technology and Innovation

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